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Below, you can find our replicas of musicals, movies, series and historical examples. For example Phantom of the Opera, Tanz der Vampire, The Hobbit, Cinderella, Once Upon a Time, Empress Elisabeth (Sisi), her husband Franz Josef, King Ludwig II. and lots more! It is an amazing challenge to make a replica and we always try achieve a result that’s as perfect as possible within the budget.   Here we present Phantasma’s own designs. You can find costumes here that are inspired by musicals, movies, series, historical examples and fantasy costumes. For example Lord of the Rings & The Hobbit, Tanz der Vampire and other musicals. But you can also find elves & fairies by our own design, fairytale dresses, coats and many other costumes!   We proudly present Phantasma’s own costume clothing line; Phantasy Couture. Unique costumes and accessories, designed and created with lots of love and straight from the dream world that is called Phantasma. Feel welcome to visit Phantasy Castle, where faiytales, princesses and mermaids live. Or Phantasy Forest, where elves and nymphs dwell. Or would you rather visit Phantasy Theatre, where the ball never ends and you dance amongst masked figures and where vampires are mingling with human beings? On the page of Phantasy Couture you can find our designs. Please contact us to order or check our Etsy store. You are more than welcome!
On these pages you can find the accessories we have produced.
For exampe; animal bags
(who doesn’t want a bag that’s a stuffed toy at the same time and which goes perfectly with your costume?)
, crowns, headdresses, jewellery, bags, masks
(for example the mask of the Red Death from Phantom of the Opera)
, wings and more!

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