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In the wondrous world of Phantasma, there are many special animals and worlds. Explore this area for beings and landscapes created by our own imagination, but also people, humanoid creatures and animals from fairytales, myths and legends. Think about griffins, butterfly dragons (mind your fingers!), werewolves, Orpheus and much more! Next to that, you can also find costume–related objects here, like intricate crowns, hair-decorations, jewellery and cute animal bags!   An anthology of the many drawings that have been made over the years can be found here. Think about various portraits of elves, dwarves, but also (musical) actors, historical figures and much more. Next to that; fantasy creatures, landscapes, animals, fairytales and costume designs. Enjoy our various creative projects on paper.   The Elephant Parade is an organisation which, since 2007, exhibits and auctions off big polyester baby-elephant statues all around the world. They are painted by well-known and less known artists. With this, they raise money to preserve and protect the Asian elephant. We have been helping them from the start by painting and restoring many of these fantastic objects and we invite you to enjoy our creations.

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