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About Phantasma

Studio Phantasma is a fantasy style costume- and art studio, which distinguishes itself by producing costumes & accessories, sculptures, drawings and paintings. We create these on commission as well as for ourselves. Fantasy is central in our studio ad our work is made with great care for every customer, without distinction. At Phantasma, everybody is welcome for imaginative art and costumes that fit well, are unique and made with love, at a fair price. You can order a replica but also have something designed, you can have matching accessories; everything is possible. Everyone is welcome and we believe that eveybody has the right to feel beautiful; that’s why we work with a personal approach. We have been able to achieve our dream by making our passion our job; we hope to be able to make many others’s dreams come true also.

Anja en Sanne Nelson


Our mission & vision

Phantasma’s mission is to deliver a piece of art which is high in quality, made with love and passion and sold at a fair price.

Our vision is making various high quality pieces of art, which can be costumes, accessories, drawings, paintings or other creations, with unlimited fantasy, new skills and with honesty highly valuated. Despite our succes we wish to stay the same, help the same customers and be well aware of where we started. This we have been doing until now and we will keep following this path. We want to bring a little colourful joy in the lives of people, leave something beautiful behind in this world. Our message: everybody is beautiful the way he or she is and deserves to feel pretty and good inside.


Our studio has been around since 2004 and has been established by Anja and Paul Frenaij (brother and sister). Sanne Hazemeijer joined sindce 2010 and although she is officially volunteering for this job, she can be called a worthy member of the team. We are working on making her co-owner. Ever since their childhood, all three of them have been busy being doing creative things, amongst which doing needlework, painting, drawing and doing handicrafts. In the meantime, they have grown into a professional studio, which has quite the history already and has brought many commissions to a good ending. Since 2016, Paul has chosen to follow a different path and put most of his energy in his own studio, Zodiac Studios, which produces funeral art amongst other things, but he still co-operates with Anja and Sanne on big art commissions.

The name and the logo

Phantasma is ancient Greek for phantasm (delusion) or fantasy image, which illustrates our imaginative and sometimes unusual creations. Since we are great admirers of the story of the Phantom of the Opera (written by Gaston Leroux), this name was a logical and successful choice. The logo is a Greek Phi (the letter F/ Ph for Phantasma and Frenaij) with a Celtic knot of a two-headed snake dragon, that represents solidarity and unity. To adapt the logo to let Sanne fit in, we added a crescent moon, a symbol she feels a connection with for many reasons and which also befits the studio. To honour some who are unfortunately not amongst us anymore, but who had a great influence in our lives, a starry night can be found in our logo.

Phantasma logo

Dedicated to

Our beloved fried Kirsten; Ada, who was a mother to us all; Grandpa Schepen, our collective grandfather; Steve Barton, beloved musical actor and huge source of inspiration.


Contact information

Work- and postal address
Van Aerssenstraat 36d
3135 AC Vlaardingen
Tel: 0031 6 12 07 99 71
The Netherlands


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