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At first, thank you for taking interest in our studio! At Phantasma, we try to make dreams come true and thus we hope to have the honour to create something especially for you. Everyone is welcome; men, women, children or groups. We make costumes, accessories, wigs, bags, jewellery and lots of other things. We draw our own patterns and master many different techniques. There’s a big chance we’ll be able to help you. Foreign customers are also more than welcome!

Are you looking for a piece of art instead of a costume? Then contact us here or send an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

It is always possible to come to our studio and talk about the possibilities. In case of a customized design we can design and sketch with you on site; always a lovely experience!

It is also possible to order something via our Etsy shop, but it doens’t display everything we are able to make; feel free to email us for the possibilities. It can take a few days before we answer your email; every request can cost a few hours of research before we have a good idea of what a costume is going to cost exactly. We usually have to do quite the extensive research. That is no problem, but it can take a while for us to answer you.

Contact via email is of course always an option too. We will discuss the waiting time and your deadline with you via email or on site. If you have an idea, please contact us as soon as possible, to give us the time to finish your project in time.

Email us with your request, your budget and, if it concerns a replica, please add pictures or footage of the costume. When there are more versions of a certain replica (think for example of the Phantom of the Opera that has West End, Broadway, old and new versions of costumes), please specify which version you would like us to make. It’s okay too if it doesn’t matter.

It is also possible to have us design something for you within your budget. We are always more than willing tot brainstorm with you and find a suitable solution. Keep in mind though that fabrics and materials are expensive and that it will rarely be possible to have a complete costume for under € 200,00, but we can make you accessories or simpler projects like a cape for lower bugdets.

If we have decided what to make you, we have to discuss the financial aspect. What the costs are, how we calculate our prices, the possibility of paying in installments and the down payment. The down payment is different for each costume. It is an amount of money with which we are able to at least pay for the materials and start the first steps of the process like drawing the patterns.

If the down payment has been covered, we will start searching for the right materials, send you the measurement instructions or we can make an appointment to do the measurements for you. If you come to the studio to discuss the possibilities, we can already take your measurements as well. It is also possible to give us your confection-sizes so we can make a temporary model that we can adapt to your sizes. We will always look for the best solution for people who either live close by or far away.If we receive measurements via the internet, it is very important that they are correctly measured, since we will be making you your costume according to those sizes. Please ask someone to help you, because it is always easier for somone else to do the measuring for you. If this is done correctly, ther’s not much that can go wrong.

We can keep you informed about your costume via social media or email if you wish.

When your costume is finished, we will make an appointment with you for a final fitting session, or we can ship it to you. We will only ship by registered mail (op to € 500,00) or insured (over € 500,00). If necessary, it is possible to bring the package to a customer ourselves. This can be handy, in case something is very valuable or if people can’t pick it up by themselves but don’t want it to be shipped.

As soon as the costume is fully paid for, we can ship or bring it to you.

Only when you are 100 % satisfied, we will stop working on your costume; it is after all a dream-costume that we are sewing for you.

We always like it very much when people send us pictures and if we know that they are satisfied. And, if you have the chance, we would very much appreciate it if you could tell others about our little company so it can continue making dreams come true.


In order to explain more about our pricing when ordering a costume or piece of art, here we have an explanation about how the prices are constructed. Below, we specified it for the costumes. For art prices, please contact us here.

For more insight on the costume ordering process, here you can read an article on the Costumers Guide website. This will give you more perspective on the matter, since there’s a lot more to be considered regarding costume making than you might initially think.

Each and every commission is unique, because every customer is unique. That’s why a previous price for another customer be different from yours; your commission is based on your specific wishes, your budget and the materials that will be used and their current costs. That’s why no commission can be compared to another.

Our prices are constructed as follows: One price for sewing the costume, one for the materials and one for VAT (except for foreign customers). When necessary, there will of course also be shipping costs.

* Price for sewing the costume. In case of a replica; studying the costruction of a costume, looking at pictures and moving images. In case of a historical replica, researching contemporary fashion. Elaborating a sketch when it concerns a design by us. By the way, we don’t charge extra for sketching. Drawing the patterns, searching for materials that we have to travel a lot for. Cutting, sewing an detailing. We keep our prices as low as possible but on the same time we have to sustain ourselves with it and a costume easily takes quite a few hours.

* Materials. This concerns; fabrics, yarn, buttons, clasps, lace, ribbon, interfacing, hooks, rings, velcro, whatever is needed to realize your costume or accessory. We keep these prices as low as possible, but we always look for good quality. Many have asked us why we don’t make an all-inclusive price that includes the materials. We don’t do this, because, especially in case of a replica, there is much choice in fabrics. One person wants a fully silk costume (which easily costs € 40,00 per meter) and the other is very happy with an imitation silk alternative (which costs between € 4,00 and € 10,00 per meter). Thus the prices can vary a lot. We prefer to deliberate the possibilities and will then try to stay within a certain budget. We can always advise you which fabrics will have the desired effect and yet stay within a budget. It is also possible to give us a budget for a costume including materials so we can look for the best solutions.

* VAT. Drawings, paintings and sculptures have a 6% VAT-rate, costumes though 21%. According to the IRS, costume-making is not an art but a service, however much we disagree. VAT doesn’t count for foreign customers.

The total sum of the three (or two with foreign customers) will result in the final amount of the costume. Don’t forget possible shipping costs.

NB: in case of a Paypal payment, we need to put a percentage of 5% on top on the total price, which we have to pay to Paypal.

When there’s a very tight deadline, in which case we need to work weekends and nights to finish a project, we will charge a rush fee to be agreed.

People sometimes think the prices for costumes (from our or other studios) are very expensive. It is important to know what exactly you pay for and we’d like to give you some openness about it. We are very transparent about our prices and the customer is at all times allowed to look at our list of purchases for the costume. We think transparency and honest prices are of great importance. That’s why we always want to help people of any budget and consider each possibility; a lot is possible.

To give you an idea of some prices: the costumes from the musical Phantom of the Opera on West End are far from cheap, the Star Princess for example starts at 5000 English Pounds. The costumes of Elpbaba and Glinda in the musical Wicked cost € 10.500 and € 11.000. Jospeph’s coat from Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat cost around € 10.000. Our prices go nowhere near those prices, but it gives some perspective on how high they can be. However, we strive for a perfect result and we even heard from someone who was closely involved with the production of Phantom of the Opera that our costumes look very much alike, which is of course a huge compliment.

A costume sometimes looks deceivingly simple, but can be a lot of work nevertheless. If a replica needs to look very much like the original, it can cost a lot of time. Some things can be produces relatively quickly, (1 – 1,5 week); those will cost less. Especially with a costume designed by us it is easier for us to keep the costs low, because we can decide the complexity of the design, yet make it look spectacular. The more complex projects can cost us week or months when they are really big projects. Since we make a living with it, we cannot charge less than we do. However, we always look for solutions to keep the price as low as possible, like for example buying and customizing a shirt instead of sewing it.

We have invested years in learning and improving skills like sewing of various types of costumes, sketching, working with leather, beading, fabric painting, drawing patterns, embroidering all kinds of materials, tambour beading and lots more. Everything together it’s a lot of work that goes into a costume.

We have also invested in our machines, materials and the upkeep. Before a costume can be realized, lots of things are needed. Think about needles (for hand-sewing and machine-needles), high quality yarn, scissors, (which are pricy when they are of good quality), machines, a working table, boxes to keep everything in, ornaments for details, etcetera.

Like with every other trade, a lot of time, materials, love and passion goes into the job. Our products are therefore more expensive than a company that makes mass products (which, in case of clothing, means very miserable working conditions in the well-known ‘sweatshops’).

For example; a hand-blown glass art object like a Christmass bauble that took a lot of time, love and detailing can easily cost between € 15 and € 50, whereas a mass-produced, possible plastic bauble can be as cheap as € 1 per six. It depends on what you are looking for. A costume from the Carnival shop or cheap mass-production internet shop may not be as expensive, but your replica will no be a very close one, the materials will be cheap and usually this type of costume won’t last very long. This is fine for a party or one evening, but we strive for costumes that last longer than that. For us it’s impossible to compete with such companies, but that is not our goal anyway.

With us, you’ll get quality, experience, a contact if something’s wrong, dedication, something that is truly tailored to your size and that nobody else will have. That’s why a piece of art from Phantasma might be more expensive than from some of our competitors, but it’s going to be worth it.

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Een vraag of een bestelling? Maak gerust gebruik van het onderstaande contactformulier. Een e-mail sturen naar atelierphantasma@yahoo.com mag ook. Betreft het een prijsopgaaf voor een replica? Dan graag zoveel mogelijk informatie over het gewenste kostuum met beeldmateriaal. We proberen dan zo snel mogelijk contact op te nemen.

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