01 What is you bank information?

ING bank Vlaardingen, the Netherlands, on behalf of Phantasma
IBAN: NL35INGB0004273889

02 What is your address?

Atelier Phantasma
Van Aerssenstraat 36d
3135 AC Vlaardingen
0031 6 12 07 99 71
The Netherlands

03 Are you a company? How much VAT is charged?

Yes we are. Our Chamber of Commerce number is 63198762 and the VAT number is 127180850B02. Drawings, paintings and sculptures are charged with 6% VAT, costumes however with 21%. But this only counts for people who are residents of the Netherlands. If you live outside the Netherlands, we don’t charge you with VAT, since that is handled by customs.

04 What exactly do you make?

We design and produce costumes (dresses, skirts, coats, period costumes, uniforms, fantasy clothing and more) and accessories (necklaces, bracelets, other jewellery, crowns, head jewellery, wigs, bags, masks and we customize shoes). All of this is usually fantasy related. We do make replicas too from movies, musicals, television series, plays etcetera. Everything is possible. We work with lots of different materials; we can for example work with leather, paint fabric and master lots of other techniques. Next to this, we have our own fantasy costume clothing line; Phantasy Couture. It includes costumes and accessories (like for example a matching bag) designed by Phantasma, inspired by fairytales, myths, legends, nature, theatre etcetera. Next to this, Phantasma also creates paintings, drawings, textile art, sculptures and more. We create all this for ourselves and on commission, so you are more than welcome with your request!

05 How does ordering with you work?

We have made a page about the ordering process, which can be found here.

06 What is your target group?

Shortly, everyone. Private persons, groups, theatre groups, men, children, women, tall, short, full-figured, slim, and all that goes in between. Everything is drawn and tailored to fit your size. Everyone is welcome at Phantasma, because we think that everybody deserves to feel beautiful. We make costumes but also accessories.

07 Do you also make bridal fashion?

We can make everything, so that includes bridal gowns in all sizes. Are you looking for a extraordinary design for that special day? Do you have a fantasy-related theme? We would love to assist you with that. We are mostly specialized in exclusive dresses; do you dream of a bridal dress like Arwen could wear it in the Lord of the Rings? Or a bridal gown in the style of a character like Belle or Cinderella? Or maybe you have spotted a fairytale dress from Phantasy Couture, our own fantasy costume clothing line. Or in our Etsy shop? Maybe you’d rather have a darker version, in a non-standard colour. Or more Gothic or like a female vampire? We can do it all. Contact us and together we can think up the most wonderful concept for you and your wedding dress.

In theory we can also make replica’s of existing standard bridal dresses, but for such specific dresses we’d rather direct you to specialized bridal studios, which are more focused on modern fashion. We focus more on the ‘fantasy bride’, or the bride who wants something different from the standard bridal dress.

08 Do you make plus size costumes?

Yes. We make everything for every size; we think that everyone deserves to feel beautiful. A well-tailored costume is possible for every figure; we’d love to help you realize a product that will fit with your personality and figure and which will look great on you. Some studios charge more for bigger sizes, but we don’t. All sizes will be within the same price range with the same type of costume.

09 What are the prices? And how are they constructed?

Every item is priced differently, because every new commission is unique and will be specifically adapted to your wishes. It depends strongly on the complexity of the design or replica, how much materials or how many hours are involved, etcetera. If you want to read more about how we construct our prices, please go to the page ordering, because there you can find more price information.

10 How can I pay and can I pay in installments?

There are definately different possibilities to pay in installments. Please contact us for an arrangement for your costume. You can pay us via bank transfer, cash in our studio and via Paypal (when using Paypal there will be an added amount of 5% on top of the costs, which we have to pay to Paypal again).

11 Do you also rent costumes?

We don’t have too many costumes in stock, since we customize and sell most of them and after that we don’t have the costume anymore. We have a few costumes we made for ourselves though and some prototypes from Phantasy Couture, so who knows if we can help you out. Feel free to contact us.

12 Do you sell patterns or make patterns on commission?

No, we would like to maintain a high quality for products that have our name on them and that’s why we want to manage a project from beginning to end.

13 Do you have a store?

Unfortunately, no. We are a small studio which operates from home. You can always make an appointment to visit us, but we don’t have an actual store. We do have an Etsy shop with items we sell there and of course you can always email us about other requests that aren’t in the Etsy shop.

14 Is there a waiting list?

Ususally there is. We are a small studio consisting of two people and generally speaking, there’s a waiting list of 8 upt to 12 weeks. It can be longer too, if it is very busy. Accessories of course take less time than a complete costume. For the actual waiting time you can always contact us. Do you have a deadline? Please contact us in sufficient time, so we have the opportunity to work on a design, look for fabrics (which can take a while) and of course to finish your costume. Are you in a rush with your costume? Please contact us so we can see what is possible and if we can plan your costume to be finished in time, applying a so-called ‘rush fee’ (higher rate for working weekends and nights to finish your costume in time). Either way, we will always try to look for a solution with you.

15 How long does it take to make something?

That really depends on the design or replica you choose. We can usually make a good estimate of how long something will take. This is based on the complexity of the pattern, the difficulty of the costume, the amount of details on it, etcetera. Always take into account that there will be waiting time, on top of the time it will take to make your costume.

16 How much does it cost to ship the item? Can I also pick it up?

In case of shipping within the Netherlands, we use PostNL. When the value of the package is under € 500,00. We will ship it by registered mail for € 8,60 (up till 10 kilos, over 10 kilos it will cost € 14,90).

Over € 500,00 it will cost € 14,45 (up till 10 kilo, over 10 kilo it will cost € 20,75). Due to recent experiences with PostNL (packages that went missing or damaged, etc) we don’t ship it by regular mail anymore. We always ship packages by registered mail, especially to the abroad, since it gives us and the customer the ability to track and trace it.

It is also possible to ship packages via DHLforyou, which starts at € 5,00.

For foreign rates, please contact us. It is no problem for us to ship worldwide for us.

It is also possible to pick a package up in Vlaardingen.

If necessary, it is possible to bring the package to a customer ourselves. This can be handy, in case something is very valuable or if people can’t pick it up by themselves but don’t want it to be shipped. Please contact us in that case.

17 Do you take commisions from the abroad?

Absolutely! We accept commisions from all over the world. If coming to our studio is no option, there is an extensive measument instruction available in three languages (Dutch, Eglish and German). We will work via the internet in that case and can keep you updated on our social media pages and, if you wish, via the email.Absolutely! We accept commisions from all over the world. If coming to our studio is no option, there is an extensive measument instruction available in three languages (Dutch, Eglish and German). We will work via the internet in that case and can keep you updated on our social media pages and, if you wish, via the email.

18 How does taking measurements work?

You are more than welcome to have your measurements taken by us in our studio. If that is no option, we can do it via the internet. There is an extensive measument instruction available in three languages (Dutch, Eglish and German) to help you. It is very important though that the measurements are carefully taken, because if not, you costume might not fit you very well. It is always wise to ask somebody to help you with the measurements, as it is more easy for someone elso to do this than to do it alone.

19 Can I see/ fit my costume before it’s finished?

We always prefer a fitting session (before the final fitting) and sometimes more than one, if the costume is very difficult. It’s always possible to come over for an extra fitting, but for that an appointment is necessary, since we don’t have a store with fixed opening hours. If it’s not possible to have a fitting session, we trust our extensive measurement instruction which we will send to you and build in some extra options like a corset back on a dress or an elastic band to help an item fit the best possible in practice.

20 How do I maintain my costume?

Preferably keep your costume out of direct sunlight, because fabrics can fade and that would be a shame. Costumes with a lot of detail and beading can’t be washed in a washingmachine; steaming is a better option in that case, or washing the armpit area with an enzyme-based detergent, like green Biotex.

Wear can occur, just like with regular clothing. We try to finish everything with great care and do our very best to deliver a product that can last for years, but sometimes little things need to be fixed after use. In case of a problem, you can always contact us; we will do our best to help you.

If you want to iron your costume, always start on a lower heat level. You can always ask us for a piece of your fabric to test your iron on.

21 I would like to lose weight, can I already order a costume?

Of course you can already order with us, but we strongly advise you to wait until you are on your desired weight. There are some possibilities with for example a corset back, but if you are planning on losing a lot of weight, it is better to wait. But; do contact us and then we can look for solutions together! What we would like to add to this all though; you do not have to be super-slim to be able to fit a costume beautifully. Everyone is beautiful anyway and a good fit can be achieved for everyone.

22 My costume is damaged, what do I do now?

If something like that happens, it is of course unpleasant. Up until now, we haven’t received complaints yet about broken costumes due to our sewing methods. Wear can occur, just like with regular clothing. Of course we will always try to help you where we can. A mistake due to something we did we will always repair, no matter what.

We work with materials of high quality, like Güttermann yarn. We also use very good machines from Pfaff that are maintained very well. We finish everything as well as we can, but it is still handiwork and is therefore more delicate than an industrially sewn object and should be treated with care. That’s why we can’t be held responsible for careless and improper use. Of course we are willing to help and see what we can do for you. If for example somebody stepped on the hem of your skirt, you can always contact us. We will discuss your problem and think of a suitable solution for you.

23 My costume doesn’t fit anymore, what to do?

It can of course happen that you lost or gained some weight, developed extra muscles, etcetera. We understand that this can happen and you can always address us. Maybe we can still alter you costume. But we are not responsible/liable for altering your costume free of charge. We are more than willing though to look for solutions and wish that every customer is satisfied.

24 Do you teach?

At this moment we don’t give workshops or lessons, but who knows, in the future we might. If you have a problem, question or request, you can of course always send us an This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.; who knows if we can give you a handy tip.

25 Where do you find your materials?

We get our materials from various places, but we always try to keep a good balance between quality and costs, to keep our prices reasonable for our customers. For this, we travel a lot to markets and stores, to view a supply that’s as widely varied as possible, to be able to deliver a product that is as good as it can possibly be. We sometmies also buy online, but we try to limit this, because we like to touch a product to be able to check its quality and colour, which is of great importance too. Furthermore, we go to many wholesalers for the best and most fitting materials.

26 Do you make everything yourselves?

Yes, we make our own patterns and draw everything to the fit sizes of each customer. We manage everything ourselves, from beginning to end; from pictures and photoshoots and the website content, everything. Some products, like for example hoopskirts and shirts we buy in consultation with the customer, so we only have to make little adaptations if necessary to keep the costs as low as possible. At Phantasma, we try to make a dream come true for people, we try to make fairytales come to life. That’s why we don’t outsource anything to China, for the working conditions there are often far from magical.

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