On this page you can find, amongst other things, Ares’s tough looking vest from Xena Warrior Princess. This popular television seriesfrom the nineties is still very beloved and is being cosplayed a lot. Also on this page is Jack Frost from Rise of the Guardians, the computer animation from Dreamworks (2012). Last but not least is our replica of a costume of Milady deWinter from the BBC series of Three Musketeers (2014). BBC usually equals a good quality, as also in this case. We replicated the unique red dress worn by actrice Maimie McCoy.


Ares costume
Ares, a character from the nineties television series Xena Warrior Princess, wears a leather vest that a customer from Mexico wanted us to replicate.

We thought it was very special that somebody from as far away as Mexico wanted us to do this! It was a challenge for us though, because it meant that we had to design a pattern for our embroidery machine. By drawing up a template in Photoshop and adapting it for the designing programme of our embroidery machine, we eventually recreated this costume by painting leather and applying pieces of embroidery created by us.

To make sure it didn’t look to ‘new’, we also painted the applied embroidery pieces. The studs finish up the end result and fit exactly in the embroidered circles. For this project we chose for real leather, which we painted with leather paint.

Since we had never done this type of thing before, we were very pleased with the result of these new skills.
Jack Frost
This beautiful character from Rise of the Guardians was a true challenge, because it’s from a computer animation. Something that is animated, isn’t necessarily easy to replicate.

For the pants we have chosen for two layers, one of which is a seethrough melée layer and a base layer of cotton, because the original seems to be multi-coloured too. The ends of the legs are painted with to simulate ice and the pants are decorated with straps, like in the animation.

The sweater is a different story; to recreate the ice crystals on it without it looking ‘fake’, we chose to iron angelina fiber into a sheet, cut it in a shape and apply it on the sweater under a similar colour of tulle. This whimsical pattern mimics ice beautifully with this technique.

All in all a fun project we are very pleased with.
Milady DeWinter
We got this special request from a customer from England. She wanted a replica of Milady DeWinter’s dress from the BBC series ‘Three Musketeers’.

At first we puzzled a long time to figure out how the dress was put together, since we haven’t sewn this type of cut before and on top of that the imagery that was out there was of low quality.

A big, asymmetrcal hood attached to the bodice, pleaded and folded fabric on the bodice, two types of sleeves, a train and an ornate little buckle. We were afraid the fabric would be problematic; wrinkeled silk with a slight pattern in the hard to find colour dark red.

But on our first attempt to find it on the marketplace, we found a perfect match; a beautiful red synthetic taffeta that seemed to have a pattern due to a different weaving and that was nice and dark because of one of the treads in the weaving. The perfect fabric for this project. From that moment everything went perfect; we figured out the pattern, put it together (which was a challenge because of the many folds) and the customer was very satisfied with the dress, that fit her well.

On top of the dress she asked us for the necklace with a heart-shaped medallion, that goes with the costume. It has an unusual shape that ends in a point at the end of the neck and consists of two strips of lace attached to a satin ribbon, to give the same effect as the original jewel.

It was a special project and we think that it has the same look and feel as the original dress worn by the dangerous yet sexy woman that Milady DeWinter is.

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