The musical Wicked premiered in 2003 on Broadway. It is based on the book Wicked: The Life and Times of the Wicked Witch of the West by Gregory Maguire. It’s about the witches Glinda and Elphaba, how they get to know each other and how they become the famous witches from the stories of the Wizard of Oz. A beautiful musical with fantastic music, characters, sets and costumes that we always find very inspiring.


Elphaba, secont act dress
Elphaba, the green witch of the West from the land of Oz.

This magnificent character from the musical Wicked has been very inspiring for us. Even though it is a fantasy world, the subjects in it are very real. Love, friendship, being different, being teased. Finding yourself, finding your strength, embracing that being different is a good thing. Exactly what we think and who we are.

We have made this gorgeous dress two times already, one time for our own studio, worn by Anja and one for a customer in America, worn by Sanne and the customer herself.

It is quite the complex dress that takes a lot of time to make, but is very worth it. The thought behind it is that fact that Elphaba presumably made this dress herself, using scraps of fabric. That’s why here and there threads are hanging from it (that can of course not compromise the structure of the dress).

The bodice is an asymmetrical corset consisting of parts that are covered with little patches of various kinds of fabric that are applied on them. The upper part of the front covering the chest and the sleeves are made of mostly green and black patches, the rest mostly consists of more different colours. The bodice is decorated with sequins and beadwork in the shape of leaves.

The wide skirt is composed of many layers that are wrinkeled up and have a rolled hem. The strips of fabric form an asymmetrical pattern going in an upward line. Here too there are lots of (dark) colours, although it depends on which version you choose. Some have mostly dark grey colours, some red and purple, but others have other colours too. This is what we did, because we think it is more nice to use different colours. We collected fabrics with lots of different colours and textures, that we think fit very well with Elphaba.

For our own version, we also designed a little purse, because it is always handy to have one when going to an event; you can put your passes, tickets, telephone etcetera in it and still be in style.

We have also made a hat for both versions, because Elphaba isn’t comlete without one, right? We styled the wig to look like the one in the musical (Sanne kept her own hair for the photoshoot, just to make it look a little different) and we did our best to achieve a nice shade of green with our make-up.

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