The musical Rudolf; Affaire Mayerling was produced by Frank Wildhorn and is based on the life of Crown Prince Rudolf, son of Elisabeth (Sisi) of Austria and takes place in 1888/1889, during the final stage of his life. Rudolf lives an eventful life in a time of revolt and he sympathises with the people. So much, that he writes anonymously to express his displeasure with his father’s reign. His arranged marriage is also under pressure and his mother isn’t involved in his life as much as he would like her to be. When he meets the beautiful baroness Mary Vetsera his life changes drastically. This is where the musical begins.


Mary Vetsera ‘Vertrau in uns’
Mary Vetsera, the mistress of Crown Prince Rudolf, son of (Sisi) of Austria.

It is an eventful history that ends in the suicide of Rudolf with his mistress because he succumbed to the pressure.

An impressive musical from his point of view, ‘Rudolf Affaire Mayerling’ shows the events that lead to Rudolf struggling to cope with it all and how he encounters the beautiful Mary. Her side of the story is shown also. There is a scene, at the end of the first act, where Mary stands by Rudolf and gives him back his belief in life and their love.

In this scène she is wearing a beautiful, yellowish green dress with a matching at. It looks simple, but isn’t easy to sew, yet we thought this beautiful scene was so inspiring that we wanted to replicate the dress. After spotting the perfect colour of linen on the marketplace we knew we had to make this replica! We were following a hat-making course, so this was the perfect moment to make a woolfelt hat for this occasion.

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