The well-known story by Shakespeare captivates audiences througout the ages. It is not a big surprise that there’s also a musical about this story. This version premiered in 2001. The costume we have made is from a French version of this musical that has been performed in many languages.


Tybalt costume
We thought this was a very special commission for a lovely customer; a replica of a costume of Tybalt from the French musical version of the famous story of Romeo en Julia.

Tybalt is Julia’s nephew and Romeo’s enemy. We unfortunately didn’t have too much video- or photo-material, yet we are very satisfied with the result.

We didn’t make the red shirt, but bought it and customised it to make it fit with the rest by putting ornate band on the cuffs and replaced the buttons to make them match the character and costume more.

The vest had an especially beautiful lapel (drawn as a pattern to be attached to the front panel) which was a challenge to draw but it helped to make the costume look a lot like the original. A skai leather scabbard goes with the costume, which is made of the same material as the vest.

The coat itself is a nice piece of designer skill. Big braids over the shoulders that give the costume a tough appearance and big zippers going across the coat. We braided the shoulder ornaments ourselves out of various types of band in the colours silver/black and gold/ black, rope and big beads. The collar is made of black skai leather.

For the trousers we chose a sturdy, jeans-like fabric in a colour of red that matches the costume well. On the sides of the pants, trims of velvet are applied with braided lace placed criss-cross in between them.

All in all it’s a very detailed costume that we puzzled a lot on, yet are very happy with because of the nice end result.

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