Once Upon a Time is a popular television series that started in 2011. The story involves the cursed town Storybrook in Maine where a lot of well-know fairytale characters are trapped without a happy ending. Who they really are, they don’t know. Their only hope is Emma Swan, daughter of Snow White and Prince Charming, because she is the chosen one to break the curse. A series that in the meantime has produced many seasons and is worth watching!


Regina jas
Regina Mills in the series Once Upon a Time is an awesome character! We think she’s very inspiring. Fortunately, one of our customers thought so too and so she asked us to make her this beautiful coat.

Rustling taffeta, big sleeves and many layers of lace, silver beads, high quality hotfix rhinestones and sequins are embellishing this extraordinary creation. A particularly big collar with lots of lace and beading tops it all off.

The coat is a very special model that you don’t see often. It is decorated with silver lace along te edges and has elongated shoulders. The fun thing about this costume is that it can be worn with different skirts, pairs of leggings or pants. We have tried to replicate this costume as close as possible, for example by the little pieces of lace in the middle and on the sides of backside of the collar and the little beaded chain at the end of the sleeves. By applying different types of lace, ribbon, beads, sequins and good quality hotfix on top of each other and to combine them, we tried to recreate the impressive silver decorations.

All in all, we are quite proud of our creation.

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