Ludwig2 is a musical produced in Bavaria (Southern part of Germany) and is based on the life of King Ludwig II. We follow his life from his childhood until his (tragic) end and the most important events in between. The eventful life of this fascinating man and his ‘fairytale castles’ really touched us and it won’t be much of a surprise that we felt that we needed to make a replica from this musical. We also made a replica of the historical uniform of this king.


Sisi Rosenkavaliere
It may be clear that our studio is very inspired by Bavaria and both King Ludwig II. and Empress Elisabeth (Sisi) of Austria.

Sisi grew up in Bavaria and Ludwig became king there and built the famous (fairytale) castles there. A German musical, Ludwig2, about Ludwig’s life is one of our favourite musicals.

The actrice who played the role of Sisi, ‘Janet Marie Chvatal, did this is such impressive manner that it inspired us to replicate the red satin dress from the song ‘Rosenkavaliere’ (Knight of the Rose). We chose crepe satin, because it is of nice quality, thicker than normal satin and it looks more luxurious because of how it is woven.

Black piping, black and white lace, organza, nice quality rhinestones and fabric buttons decorate this dress. It is a beautiful dress that turned out to be a challenge to make but worked out just fine, we think.

We have designed a rose bag to go with it as well as hair ornaments, a necklace and earrings. The necklace consists of silver chain and leaves and rose-shaped connectors.

Anja wore this dress when attending the show in Füssen, Bavaria (which the actress, that we still have contact with, loved) and did a photoshoot near the castles. It won’t get much more magical than this so we were very glad we were able to do this.

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