Ludwig II. is a Bavarian king who lived from 1845 to 1886. He is known as a fairytale king, who built fairytale castles like the famous white castle Neuschwanstein, that Disney’s castles of Aurora (Disneyland Paris) and Cinderella (Disneyworld Orlando) are based on. Nevertheless, this misunderstood man lived an unhappy life. He was ahead of his time and thought up flying machines and light shows, things that on that moment were not yet or only just invented.

As faithful visitors of his castles and his beautiful Bavaria, we have this historical figure close at heart and he inspired us to design costumes and projects like our white swan coat, because he was so fond of swans, or beadwork inspired by one of his youth drawings. Below, you can find his official uniform in royal blue.


Uniform of Ludwig II
In various Bavarian surroundings, like the rose garden on the so-called ‘Roseninsel’ (rose island), a romantic little island in the Starnberger See that smells of roses, a place where Ludwig loved to be, the many beautiful lakes in the Bavarian landscape and around the castles of Neuschwanstein, Linderhof and Hohenschwangau, the two uniforms look their best. One is worn by an older Ludwig with moustache and beard and the other, more ornate version, is worn by a younger Ludwig. The decorations are made of beadwork to mimic the bullion embroidery method. It’s embroidered in an official pattern consisting of oak leaves and acorns.

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