Emperor Franz Josef I (1830 – 1916) married his niece Sisi in 1854 and they had four children, among whom Crown Prince Rudolf. He was an old-fashioned man and a dutiful hard worker. He had to withstand many misfortunes, amongst which the death of his wife and two of his children. During the entire period of his reign he suffered from the downfall of his empire.

Inspired by this man, we made his uniform, trousers and army cap for ourselves and on commission.


Uniform of Emperor Franz Josef
Many locations that were important to Franz Josef, like the palace of Schönbrunn and the parks around it, offered a great opportunity to us to photograph this highly detailed uniform next to his son Rudolf and his wife Sisi.

The collar, cuffs and the backside of the uniform we decorated with golden trimmings and details painted with gold paint, to make it look as close to the original as possible. Furthermore, thera are twentysix golden buttons on the coat; the version with all the medals has buttons that originate from Austria that loo a lot like the original ones. The army cap has been customized to look like like the original by painting it and decorating it with golden trimmings.

Together with the beautiful false moustache and eyebrows and hand-made medals, the viewer is brought back in the days where Emperor Franz Josef ruled, with his wife Sisi by his side.

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