Crown Prince Rudolf (1858 - 1889) was the only son of Emperor Franz Josef of Austria and his wife Elisabeth, knowns as Sisi. His life was tragic, starting with his childhood, when he was raised in a Spartan fashion, until his mother, whom he looked a lot like, threatened her husband to leave him if he didn’t stop this. After that he had a better childhood, but he saw his mother less unfortunately.

During his life, the intelligent young prince wrote critical articles agains his fathers political regime, using a pseudonym.

At the age of thirty he commited suicide, together with his mistress Mary Vetsera at the hunting lodges of Mayerling, leaving behind a wife and daughter.


Rudolf coat
This beautiful white leather coat and this red pair of trousers with embroidered army cap are based on the Hussar uniform of Crown Prince Rudolf of Habsburg. The decorations on the coat are made of golden trimmings and are applied to the faux leather surface in a complicated knot pattern. It has a faux fur trimming alongside the collar, front and underside of the coat, which is lined with brown fabric. The round buttons consist of two different buttons and painted gold. The long buttons on the front are painted to look like they are covered with golden braidwork. Golden lace has been applied to the trousers. On the army cap, an adapted piece of embroidery has been applied, to create a historically correct effect.

With his cigarette in his hand, our version looks quite like the real portret of this obtuse prince, like old photos show us.

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