Phantasy Theatre
~ Magical Ball by Nightfall ~

A spectacular ball with in the magical athmosphere that old theatres sometimes are radiating. A world, where nothing is what it seems. Various characters come together at this ball; masked and unmasked. But beware, many dark figures like a vampires are present among the guests. Ball gowns, ballet costumes, masks, hats and much more. Choose for example for our series of Crystal Hearts: Gems of the Night for wonderful ball gowns inspired by gemstones and decorated with Swarovski elements. Or ‘After all, it’s vampire ball’ for our vampire dresses. Or ‘Who wants to dress like Marie Antoinette?’ for our designs inspired by this fascinating woman and era.

Enjoy with us the concepts that we added to this series until now. We are still working on it, that’s why there’s not yet much to find here. We will work on this in the meantime, we only just started!


Crystal Hearts: Gems of the Night
The name already gives it away, these costumes are ‘crystal hearts: gems of the night’. With their seductive and sparkling beauty, they conquer the dance floor of Phantasy Theatre. Decorated with a thousand and one Swarovski crystals, some in the shape of a heart, all eyes are fixed on them, while they dance elegantly and unaware, melting many hearts. We were inspired by real gemstones for our designs.
Here you can find our designs based on emerald, blue opal, ruby and sapphire. Of course each skirt will have different properties. They have one thing in common: many decorations made of real Swarovski rhinestones.

Enchanting Emerald
based on one of our favourite gemstones, the beautiful emerald. It will be executed in various shades of green.

Amazing Midnight Blue Opal
and ‘amazing’ it is! This rare type of opal consists of various shades of mother of pearl, blue and purple, which will come back in the dress.

Radiant Ruby
red ruby, who doesn’t love it? This dress will be executed in ruby red colours.

Sweet Sapphire
sapphire, always so beautiful with its intense blue colour. This design will be executed in gorgeous shades of blue and of course decorated with rhinestones and heart elements, just like the rest.
After all, it’s a Vampire ball: Immortal Elegance
In the ballroom of Phantasy Theatre, vampires are a must. They give a dark yet very seductive touch to the night, where everything is equal and is hiding behind a mask. Are two flickering teeth hiding behind this mask or the next?
The first in a series of vampires is Rosemary (Bitter Rose), a vampire lady who is attending the ball. Her dress symbolizes the blood under the human skin, creamy white for innocence and her human side and the black layers represent her dark side. The typical gradient that Phantasma uses can be found here too; the petticoat will consist of multiple colours and goes from black to red, like the bodice. On top of the skirt, various layers of tulle provide for a rich and exciting effect; the skirt will present a different colour with each step because of how the moving, transparent layers interact.
Who wants to dress like Marie Antoinette? Passion for Fashion
Like the title already says; many people would love to dress up one day like the famous Marie Antoinette, who is known for her extravagant big dresses, huge, decorated wigs and lots of flashy accessories. We think she and her era are very inspiring and of course she cannot be absent at this ball.
The first concept is a dress decorated with various sizes of roses in all the colours you might wish. Enjoy with us the concepts that we added to this series until now. We will soon add a darker version.

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