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Gorgeous fantasy dresses, enchanting mermaids, princes, princesses, witches and a lot more. For classical fairytales, myths and legends you can go to Phantasy Castle. Choose for one of the classical fairytales, or the Seashore Sirens: Mermaids on land, for our mermaid designs.


Seashore Sirens: Mermaids on land
Mermaids... Such beautiful and inspiring creatures. Through their singing they attract people from afar but watch out... before you know it, you’ll be enchanted! We felt we had to work with the theme of the sea and the creatures inhabiting it.

Enjoy with us the concepts that we added to this series until now. We are still working on it, that’s why there’s not yet much to find here. We will work on this in the meantime, we only just started!
Pearl & Adrian
Our first designs for the Seashore Sirens. The lovers Pearl and Adrian (‘from the sea’) are dancing intimately before they come to land for a very short while to dance with each other. Both costumes are based on the sea. Pearl, like the waves that crash on the rocks in all kinds of colours of blue, a gradient underskirt and here and there an iridescent glow. Lightweight fabrics that are frilly and supple. She comes with jewels and a wig. Adrian in a tough prince costume in sand- and water-colours that is inspired by military jackets from around 1800, yet with a fishtail and unique sleeves. His sash can be worn on top of as well as under the coat.

Sea Breeze
This lady too came to land in her surprising and almost tropical appearance. This ball gown in pink, yellow and oragne with lime accents is like a refreshing breeze. Pickup points decorated with ornaments and pearls complete the picture. She too has jewellery and a beautiful blond with light pink wig. She is very sweet and many come to her when they need advise about something.
Classic Fairytales: Belle
Beauty and the Beast, a timeless and romatic fairytale, that tells the story of the young girl Belle, who wins and changes the heart of the Beast, who keeps her imprisoned in his castle. She defrosts his frozen heart with her innocence and frees the good soul that is hidden under the Beast. She stops the process of decline that the enchanted castle is suffering from and which is symbolised by a rose losing its petals, just in time. This rose theme comes back on her dress.
Our Belle dresses are inspired by the fairytale of course, but also by other dress designs. The yellow colour is a hint and a hommage to the well-known Disney version.

We chose for a bodice that is reminescent of dresses from the era of Sisi, with lace, decorated with roses that goes from the tip of the bodice to the back. Hand-made red roses in two colours decorate the bodice as well as cute lace sleeves with ribbons to fit them around the arms.

When we think of Belle, we think of soft fabrics, innocent, just like her. That’s why we chose for very soft lace fabric. The fabrics of the bodice are quite spectacular, if we may say so. A fabric with roses, iridescent, that we painted yellow which brings the rose pattern forward even more.

The fabric has been used two ways, on the front panel and back panels, tha fabric is mainly white with yellow roses and on the rest it’s the other way round. A layer of tulle on top of every panel gives more depth in colour and shine. We have two versions; one with a tulle skirt and a version with a skirt consisting of rose petals. Both skirts consist of many layers on top of a large crinoline. We combined various colours of yellow to achieve a deep colour and we added a layer of iridescent fabric for a touch of magic.

The tulle skirt version has beautiful hand-made roses and a gorgeous bow. The rose skirt consists of rose petals, because the rose plays such a prominent role in the Beast’s life and the lives of the people in his castle. The leaves are made of various shades of yellow and soft lace, which can also be found wrinkeled up at the hem of this skirt, decorated with roses.

A necklace with a red rose and hair decoration with hand-made roses in different sizes complete the picture.
Classic Fairytales: All-Kinds-Of-Fur
Because of an unfortunate coincidence, a kind-hearted princess is forced to marry her father the king. She comes up with a plan to escape her fate and orders three impossible wedding dresses, to win some time to execute her plan. One dress that shines like the moon, one dress sparkling like the stars and one that glows like the golden sun.

The first dress that is made for her is made of pearlescent fabrics and shines like the pale moon. The second dress is just as hard to create and consists of night blue with loads of stars. When the last dress is presented to the princess, her plan is finished. With the help of her friends, the animals of the forest, she had a fur and feather cloak made to help her escape from the castle.

In a nearby kingdom, she is hired to clean in the castle of a prince, who at first treats her with arrogance. When she appears as her true self during a ball, wearing the first dress, the prince fall in love with her in an instant. During the second ball she appears again and when she leaves, the prince cannot stop her. At the last ball, when she is wearing the golden dress, she looses her golden slipper.

Just like the Cinderella story, the prince sends for all the girls in the kigdom to come fit the slipper and All-Kinds-Of-Fur, the name people call the poor girl, is asked to fit the slipper too. She fits the slipper the animals remove her fur cloak and there she is, an all her glory. Of course they marry and they live happily ever after.
A dress like the moon... This inspired us and after brainstorming for a while we designed the following dress; a beautiful gown with a moonstone iridescent underlayer and layers of white tulle for a dreamy effect.

But then, the moon has a shadowy side! By adding grey tulle on the bodice (which already consists of five layers), a shadow side of the moon is created. The bodice consists of eight panels, one for each phase of the moon. The dress could be made fully grey (new moon), totally white (full moon), of filled only for a quarter with white of grey (first and last quarter). Or, like in our sketch, a half moon, that in this case has been executed in an assymmetrical way.

For this costume, we used beautiful Swarovski beads, Miyuki delicas and glass pearls by Gütermann. Where the bodice is white, white pearls are used. Where the bodice is grey, silver grey pearls were used. Where the strands of beads are located on top of a piece that goes from white to grey, the beads follow the same colour scheme, which, in our opinion, gives an exciting effect! A gorgeous cabochon jewel (that has been manipulated to look like a gemstone) completes the picture.

Each All-Kinds-Of-Fur costume will be decorated with such jewel on the bodice. The sleeves (one grey, one white) are also built up with an iridescent layer. The skirt consists of a wide crinoline, various layers of white tulle, an iridescent moonstone layer and grey tulle. To put more emphasis on the light and dark side, we added gloves, one silver and one white. They are decorated with Swarovski hotfix rhinestones in AB.

We added a necklace that matches the jewel on the bodice. And a hair jewel consisting of a moon hanger fabrics from the dress and feathers, as a hint to the story. They help her escape in the story and here they helped her to look even more fabulous. In the future, an animal bag will be added to All-Kinds-Of-Fur.

A dress like the sun! We immediately thought of gold and golden colours. A bodice with alternating panels in light and dark gold, long points like rays of sunshine. The skirt is picked up in several layers to give a light and dark effect on the skirt as well. Long strands of beads decorate the skirt and the bodice. They appear to come out of the points of the bodice and are meant as rays of sunshine. They will consist of pearls and glass beads in various shades of gold.

A dress like the stars... We first thought of a silver dress. But the we thought, no, it has to be a starry sky! A beautiful blue creation, with silver stars of various sizes and silver fabrics. A waterfall bustle like a falling star that ends in a beautiful train. The dress will be decorated with Swarovski rhinestones.
Classic Fairytales: Sleeping Beauty
Who doesn’t know the story of Sleeping Beauty? The poor princess, who was cursed by an evil fairy from birth and destined to prick her finger with the spindle and sleep for a hundred years...

Her castle is in the meantime overgrown by roses and in all our Sleeping Beauty designs, the rose is a fixed and recognisable theme. This gorgeous and fragrant flower is a symbol of romance and love and a favourite element in our costume decorations.
Sleeping Beauty
Roses, lovely fabrics, pickup points, a dreamy appearance... Enjoy with us the concepts that we added to this series until now. We are still working on it, that’s why there’s not yet much to find here. We will work on this in the meantime, we only just started!

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