We were elated when we heard we could make costumes for a production of Creative Arts Group in Germany. This group, that can hardly be called an amateur group, is very passionate and stages a big production each year. It was very special to work with them. They asked us to make costumes for the main characters from the fanmous musketeer story: the musketeers, d’Artagnan, Milady DeWinter and cardinal Richelieu.


The Musketeers
Creative Arts Group wanted to hint to the 2011 movie, so we looked at this when we chose our materials and drew our sketches.Creative Arts Group wanted to hint to the 2011 movie, so we looked at this when we chose our materials and drew our sketches.

We decided to work with a lovely quality of skai leather in the collours black and brown, like in the movie. Each musketeer has his own character traits and we used this in our designs;

Athos; stable and straightforward. His costume and cape are symmetrical, with a simple cross on his cape. Not too much ado, kind of heart and clear.

Porthos; a more licentious musketeer with a good heart yet frivolous. For him we made a more ornate cross and painted lace on his costume. His costume is less symmetrical; his cape is longer at the left side.

On the opposite of that, with a cape that is longer at the right side (right is often associated with faith and the good) and a cross with a Christian crucifix in it, is the costume of Aramis. The aspect of his faith is emphasised in his costume.

If you put these three musketeers next to each other, there is a beautiful set of two mirrored asymmetrical costumes and one symmetrical in the middle; a perfect balance, which symbolises the bond and co-operation between them. Athos often functions as the glue.

D’artagnan, the final character, still has to become a musketeer, is a tough daredevil who has a life ahead of him and who feels the need to prove himself. For him we made a different costume; no closed vest like everyone else but one that stays open which symbolises his somewhat reckless character. The cape is worn diaginally, via a chord over the shoulder, because he is still learning.
Milady deWinter costume
Next to the musketeer costumes, we also designed a costume for Milady DeWinter.

This sexy, attractive yet dark character has an impressive wardrobe, but because of a tight budget we had to be creative with the colours and materials, since she had to shine of course.

We decided to design an elongated bodice with an exciting necline and sleeves that we thought fit this character. To put extra emphasis on her female figure, we chose for a small hip roll and little miniskirt of wrinkeled lace starting directly under the bodice to emphasise the hips.

Our choice of colour; black, purple and silver. Taffeta because of the rustling quality and luxurious look. The fabric is purple with a black shine to give the costume a beautiful but somewhat dark appearance. Black velvet in the bodice provides for a deep colour and a luxurious look. Everything is decorated with silver lace that looks wonderful on stage.

The skirt can be torn off (using velcro) and shows a tough and even more sexy side of Milady with leather pants and a silver lace garter. The black lace ‘skirt’ emphasises the hips even more on top of the tight pants.

We also made a black cape with this costume, because she has to be able to blend in a crowd as much as stand out in a crowd; she is kind of a spy after all. The cape is decorated with silver lace and on the hood a Fleur de Lis symbol, as a hint to the character and her branding. It is made of lace too and is a nice detail for a connoisseur.

The skirt can be worn in different ways. It can hang on the ground (showing a nice rim of lace), picked up with two bands on the front of the skirt for an almost burlesque look. The frill on the hem then emphasises the pickup points; her legs are visible which was of course very exciting back then (and still).

All in all there are three costume combinations possible (with skirt, picked up of skirt off) with or without a cape.
Kardinaal Richelieu costume
Cardinal Richelieu, yet another interesting character.

He definately has dark plans, yet he seems to think he is doing the right thing. This is what makes it a fascinating character to watch and listen to.

We wanted to give him a classic appearance and decided to use high quality red velvet, because he has a high position in the church and is respected by the king.

A lengthy attire with an impressive train, a cape and a cap. Stately, impressive, rich looking and yet not overdone. We decided to make use of various golden decorations, in a soft shade of gold for a subtle effect.

The cape and the costume have been trimmed with various types of golden band. He also wears a sash which is lined with light golden satin, just like the cape. On the middle, along the closing and around the sleeves we used beautiful high quality lace. It is subtle, yet looks luxurious and on top of that it hints to his dark side by choosing black instead of dark red or gold. We decorated the cape with a braided band and handmade tassels.

All in all it’s an impressive appearance that looks modest but cannot be underestimated.

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