Tanz der Vampire (Dance of the Vampires) is a musical by Roman Polanski, based on his movie ‘The Fearless Vampire killers’ from 1967. A professor by the name of Abronsius heads to Transsylvania with his help/student Alfred to search for vampires and to prove their existence. They encounter numerous characters in the village where they stay, like the innkeeper Chagall, his wife Rebecca and their beautiful daughter Sarah, whom Alfred directly falls in love with. When Sarah disappears, the professor and Alfred go on the lookout for her. And that’s when the adventure begins. The musical went in premiere in Vienna in October 1997 with Steve Barton starring as Graf von Krolock, an actor who is a huge source of inspiration for our studio. Via this musical, Sanne came to join this studio, it brought everyone together. The music with lots of rock influences is wonderful (Jim Steinman, the man behind Meatloaf), the story is funny, dark and touching at the same time. The costumes too are very inspiring and still we aren’t done admiring it, so we will keep prducing more things inspired by this musical in the future. We made replicas of various characters (Alfred, Sarah, Herbert, Graf von Krolock) and the ensemble (finale costumes of the sheperdess and the king) as well as costumes inspired by the musical.


Vampire corset dress
“Could you make a vampire dress, suitable for a ball, that is based on the bodice from the Phantom of the Opera, in red and black?”

Of course we can! We were exhilarated with this commission. To help us, she gave us the name of the musical Tanz der Vampire and a picture of Sarah Brightman as Christine in the Phantom of the Opera, in her so-called Slavegirl outfit.

We decided to maintain the shape of the bodice and to also use large golden ormaments. On the original bodice, the panels of the bodice alternate in red and green but we decided to go for only one colour, dark red.

Golden lace separates the panels and on the chest we applied a golden panel which we decorated with red sew-on rhinestones and sequins and rocaille beads in various shades of gold.

A golden belt is applied to the bodice, also decorated with beads, sequins and sew-on rhinestones. Because she didn’t want the bodice to be too tight, we chose for plastic boning and a laced corset back.

The skirt, consisting of a black, red and dark red taffeta layer is an exciting asymmetrical composition of different lengths and pickup points, that gives it a feminine yet tough appearance. It would look great on a vampire ball.

The hems are finished with black embroidery yarn for a subtle shine and to reintroduce the colour black on the red skirts.

Sometimes it is fun to emphasise the binding with luxurious embroidery yarn. The customer was very satisfied and even wore the dress when she attended the musical Tanz der Vampire!

On the pictures the dress is worn by Anja who, for this occasion, was wearing a necklace with a portrait of musical actor Steve Barton playing Graf von Krolock in Tanz der Vampire.

It is an elaborate choker made of beautiful black lace, decorated with various beads, anthracite Swarovski rhinestones and heart and black and silver roses.

Fun fact is that we also made replica’s from the musical Tanz der Vampire itself.
Green Victorian dress with hat
Inspired by the special musical Tanz der Vampire (German for Dance of the Vampires) and in particular the ensemble during the ‘Ewigkeit’ (Eternity) song, in which a group of dusty vampires in period costumes come crawling out of their graves. We wanted to create something that would match this type of costumes.

We chose a shiny, green fabric with a mysterious green shine which gives the fabric a different look in every angle. This is combined with the same fabric in silver/ gray.

The bustle and waterfall drapery on the backside of the skirt are reminiscent of Victorian times, with a dark twist.

Gorgeous fabrics and luxurious decorations on the neckline and sleeves. But also torn pieces of lace and fabric; a sleeve that isn’t attached to the shoulder anymore; only a faint memory of the pomp and circumstance that once was.

Big sleeves, a train with points, a bat application; signs of darkness and the presence of Graf van Krolock. In this costume, especially many types of lace and applications have been used to give a sense of luxury, that is at the same time old and degraded.

The most beautiful part of this costume might be the hat; a big Spanish type hat covered with the green fabric and torn lace applications, to give the suggestion that once the whole surface of the hat was covered with it. One side of the hat is upright and the other is stuffed with big hand-made roses made of the same fabrics, laces and decorations that were used in the rest of the dress. A few black feathers complete the look.

Here, the costume is worn by Sanne.
Inspired by a special musical named Tanz der Vampire (German for Dance of the Vampires) and in particular the ensemble during the ‘Ewigkeit’ (Eternity) song, in which a group of dusty vampires in period costumes come crawling out of their graves.

This extensive antracite-coloured uniform, which has been embroidered by hand, is a dark version of a regular uniform; everything is bat-themed.

It is made of taffeta combined with golden, silver and black lace. Especially the collar and the cuffs turned out nicely, being almost fully embroidered with bat shapes, which took quite a few days.

This uniform has epaulettes, that are decorated with lace applications and embroidery. A lace application on the waistline gives the suggestion of a refined belt, which provides the jacket with a rich effect. All over the uniform, bats and bat-shapes can be found, which almost makes it a puzzle to try to look for as many as you can find.

A ripped sash made of shiny, green fabric from the green Victorian dress shows how much we like to interchange fabric in between similar projects, even when it’s only a little piece.

Just like with the Victorian dress, we used black and silver/grey lace to create some sort of ‘faded glory’ effect’. By applying it in various manners and tearing it here and there, an old and dusty effect is created.

The uniform is worn in combination with white tights, black knee-high boots, a sword and a hand-made hat, which is covered with the same fabric as the uniform and decorated with the same golden lace and embroidery. All in all, this costume took a lot of time, but we are very proud of it.

Here it is worn by Anja.

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