Who doesn’t know Disney’s version of the fairytale Sleeping Beauty of 1959. The princess that pricks her finger with the spindle and sleeps for a hundred years. Maleficent is the so-called villain in this story and doesn’t seem to have good plans for the world. A formidabele opponent that can also change into a dragon. In 2014, Disney decided to make a live-action movie about the story and retell the tale from a different view. Nothing is what it seems, nor is Maleficent’s bad side. There is one thing that the two versions have in common; love conquers all.


Maleficent costume
Maleficent. Such beautiful character who had so much more depth of character since the live-action movie of 2014.

This customer wanted a design by us for this character, with for example the horns from the live-action movie Maleficent and some cartoon influences too.

We decided to show this in our use of colour (the black and purple we borrowed from the cartoon) and we designed a train with points and a big collar.

Because of the budget we chose to buy and customize the horns instead of making them ourselves. We applied beautiful elastic lace and high quality sew-on rhinestones to create a tough (and somewhat) sexy look.

The costume can be worn in several ways. It is a jacket and with a skirt, that creates the look of a dress with an overskirt. The skirt can also be replaced by a legging or leather pants for a completely different and tough effect. The jacket has a double collar with points. A long train with points fits the character well and provides for a gorgeous effect when she walks around with it.

The fabric we used is taffeta, because of its luxurious appearance and the fact that is rustles so nicely. The purple fabric has a shine that is both purple and black. The costume is lined with black taffeta. A matching skai leather necklace in a bold shape with black and purple rhinestones tops everything off nicely.

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