Game of Thrones is a very popular fantasy television series from America that has been broadcasted since April 2011. It is based on the books by George R.R. Martin, that go by the title ‘A Song of Ice and Fire’. It takes place in a mythical world, where the western continent is called Westeros and the eastern continent Essos, that house kingdoms with their own problems and involvemenst. Next to the obvious political business, there are also problems of a supernatural nature, that continuously make the series very exciting. The costumes are very special and elaborate. We were happy to be commissioned for a design base on several kingdoms that could fir in the series.


Game of thrones inspired dress
For a special customer we were asked for a project that was just as special; not a replica from Game of Thrones, but a dress inspired by it. For our inspiration, she gave us a few houses and some characters. It is always a fun challenge for us to design something that would fit nicely in a certain setting.

Next to this, we also included the customer’s character; tough, special, impressive, feminine and elegant.

The design; a completely asymmetrical dress, wide, with a leather underbust corset and cape.

The fabrics we found quickly. A very lovely wrinkeled fabric that looked a bit like taffeta in the colour dark powder blue. This we combined with a dark blue chiffon for elegance and transparency. The corset is made by leather that was painted by us.

Details like the big clasp complete the costume. The shoulder pins that keep the fabric and cape in place remind us a little of the Roman Empire. They are made of fine copper filigree, tough yet refined, someting that can be found back in the rest of the costume too.

A hair ornament made of blue chiffon and a blue chiffon necklace with a cameo put extra emphasis on the female aspect.

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