We usually make dresses but every once and a while we get to design a different type of clothing, like coats and cloaks. In this category there’s a white swan coat that has a unique shape that we made for ourselves and a tapered jacket with a corset which was lightly inspired by the musical Elisabeth as well as historical costumes from around 1850.


White swan cloak
We designed this coat for ourselves and based it on one of the most majestic species of bird that are in existence; swans.

Complete with decorated shoes, a special underskirt and pluche short mantle with a swan-shaped closing.

The beautiful animal is a theme in many locations on the coat; the shape of the backside and wing elements in the sleeves and collar, the use of colour and embroidered decorations in the shape of swans.

We chose for various soft lace fabrics and white fabric with an iridescent embroidery. The lining is a royal blue satin, as a hommage to the Bavarian ‘swan king’ Ludwig II.

As an addition to all this; a set of pluche bags in the shape of swans with baby swans. These little ones fir in the wings of the big ones and serve as a little purse.
Tapered jacket with corset
Sexy and unique; this customer wanted us to design her a fantasy jacket, influenced by historical costumes and by the musical ‘Elisabeth’ (for the people who know the musical; Frau Wolf’s jacket). We designed our jacket with all this in mind and gave it our own twist.

The result; a fantasy jacket with corset, tapered with big sleeves and beautiful details of high quality lace.

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