An inspiring era according to us. Very small models grow into full crinolines, from wide skirts with detailed jackets and bodices to elaborate skirts from the famous Victorian era. The era ended with a simpler type of dress with enormous sleeves (turn of the century fashion). In this case Sisi’s era and a dress inspired by her wardrobe and a dress based on the gorgeous wardrobe of the last Czarina of Russia.


Sisi style dress ‘Japon Jardin’
Yet again a fun project in historical style combined with our own design.

This customer wanted a dress inspired by the wardrobe of Empress Elisabeth (Sisi). But with a less wide hoopskirt and in the colours white and blue.

We designed a dress that is reminiscent of Sisi’s childhood in Bavaria, Germany, where she wore dresses with crinolines, many layers and cute decorations like flowers and bows.

We decided to call this dress ‘Japon Jardin’, after the French word for garden, because Parisian fashion was widespread in that era. This dress could be very fit for an informal walk in the garden.

We chose (hand-made) bows made of blue taffeta to create an extra gentle look.

The skirt consists of multiple layers of soft and transparent fabrics and blue bows, the bodice is made of the same blue taffeta and is decorated with beautiful white lace and little bows.

On the backside we added a long train made of blue taffeta, with a big white/blue bow and the whole train is trimmed with a lace frill at the hem. The end result is a not too excessive yet impressive appearance.

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