A very inspiring era, costume-wise. Among other things big dresses in Marie Antoinette’s time with creations that became more decadent and crazy. Big parties and matching big dresses. The costumes in this part of the website a mainly baroque inspired.


Marie Antoinette style dress
This dress is inspired by Marie Antoinette’s style, characterized by the famous shape of the skirt and hoopskirt.

We enjoyed making the decorated dress with hand-made rosettes and matching hair accessories, since it was customary to decorate wigs with various little objects.

Cute lace sleeves and little roses everywhere make bring this costume together.
Baroque couple
A special commission for a store with antique items.

To decorate the store, we were asked to design a set of costumes by our own design that combines different styles, which makes it less historically correct yet more of a blend.

A male and a female costume, complete with shoes, wigs, hair decorations and a hat. The customer wanted neutral colours, that’s why we chose for beautiful shades of brown and sand-colour that combine very well and remind the viewer of coffee, caramel and other sweetness.

The dress is mostly light with darker elements, the suit is more dark with lighter elements. Both are decorated with beautiful glass pearls by Gütermann. We used the same fabrics and lace for both costumes, so it’s easy to see it’s a couple.

For the female we decorated a high, white wig with pearls, for the male we syled a wig and decorated a hat with fabric and lace. Lastly we embellished shoes for both costumes and made a necklace for her (made of the same materials).

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