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By accessing and using the website, you explicitly agree with the following general terms and conditions. By visiting and/or using the information published on this website, you are in agreement with the applicability of this disclaimer.

These terms and conditions are applicable to all products and/or offers by Studio Phantasma.

Intellectual property rights
None of all pictures, designs, texts and photos may be copied or used for commercial purposes without authorisation by Phantasma.

Any use of the designs, pictures, texts and photos, for any purpose, and all information presented here and all which comes forth from that, even if it is only a part of the information, can only be used with authorisation previously given by the authors. Use is defined as: the archiving, sending or reproducing of all or a part of the information in any shape or form, for example printed, virtual, computer files, electric information, etc. Neither is it permitted to produce or sell the designs made by us. For any use of the designs, pictures, texts and photos, you can contact Phantasma via mail, telephone or e-mail.

Phantasma has been registered by the Chamber of Commerce since 2004. All rights reserved for all designs, pictures, texts and photos which are published on this website. The texts, illustrations and photos are and remain the property of the authors of Phantasma.

All rights for the content of the internet websites with the domain names www.atelierphantasma.nl / www.atelierphantasma.com / www.phantasma-studio.com / www.phantasy-couture.nl / www.phantasy-couture.com lie with Studio Phantasma.

Restriction of liability
The website contains general information. The information has not been adapted to personal or specific circumstances and thus cannot be regarded as a personal, professional or legal advise to the user.

Studio Phantasma makes a serious effort to make the available information complete, correct, accurate and up-to-date. If the information is incorrect or if some information is unavailable on the website, Studio Phantasma will make an effort to correct this as soon as possible. Nevertheless, Studio Phantasma cannot be held responsible for direct or indirect damage that occurred as a result of the use of information on this website. Inaccuracies in the information on the site can be reported to the administrator of the site.

The content of the site and the links can at all times and without notice or notification be altered or complemented. Studio Phantasma can in no way be held responsible for a malfunction or temporary (un)availability of the website or for any form of damage, direct or indirect, that would be the result of the access to the website.

Studio Phantasma can under no circumstances by anyone, in a direct or indirect, special or other way be held responsible for damage due to the use of this site or another, particularly as a result of links or hyperlinks, including, without restriction, of all loss, work stoppage, damage of programs or other data on the computer system, of hardware, software or other by the user.

The website can contain hyperlinks or references to websites or pages of a third party. The publishing of links or references to these websites or pages does not imply in any way an approval of their content. Studio Phantasma does not have control of the content or other features of these websites and cannot be held responsible for the content or features of the websites or for any other form of damage by using them.

An agreement between Studio Phantasma and a customer is created when a commission has been judged for its viability by Studio Phantasma.

We are not responsible for a product that does not fit due to the wrongly or incompletely delivering of the measurements; we offer an instruction to take measurements correctly to lower that risk. It is always wise to ask someone to do the measuring for you or to visit our studio for the measurements.

We are not responsible for incorrect use. We finish our costumes firmly and use high quality yarn and machines. Yet it remains a hand-made product that has to be handled with care. Most is not suitable to be washed in a machine and will have to be dry-cleaned.

We do not charge more for sketching a design. Wether the commission takes place or not, the physical sketch and the design will remain the property of Phantasma.

Wear can occur, just like with regular clothing. Of course we are always willing to help where we can, just contact us when a problem occurs. Studio Phantasma guarantees that the products provided by us meet the requirements such as usability, reliability and durability that are stated by the parties in this agreement in reasonableness.

In case of losing or gaining weight, developing muscles etc. we will be happy to try and look for a solution, but we are not responsible/liable for adapting the fit of the costume free of charge. Of course we are more than willing to look into solutions and wish for every customer to be satisfied.

Products can be picked up at the studio, if necessary be brought to the customer by agreement or sent by mail. We only ship by registered or, in case of a value higher than € 500,00, insured mail. We are not responsible for the loss of the package or a damaged content, but we are willing to help where we can.

Verbal commitments will only be binding for Studio Phantasma after explicit and written confirmation.

Studio Phantasma cannot be held responsible, when and if commitments cannot be met due to force majeure. Force majeure is defined as every odd reason as well as every circumstance, which in reasonableness cannot be considered to be our risk. Delay or malpractice by our suppliers, malfunction of the Internet, failure of electricity, e-mail traffic or modifications in technologies supplied by a third party, transport difficulties, public measures, delays in the supply, disease of the human resources, a lack of resources or transport can explicitly be applied as force majeure.

Right to withdraw
In case of an acquisition by a consumer, according to the Law of Distance Selling (article 7:5 BW), the recipient has the right to return (a part of) the supplied goods within a period of 14 working days without giving any reason. This period starts from the moment that the ordered product(s) are delivered.

However; the right to withdraw does not apply to goods that have been manufactured according to specifications of the consumer, for example tailored items, or items that have an obvious personalized character. Considering that Studio Phantasma primarily offers articles that can be classified as such, the right to withdraw can only be applied to articles that are delivered standard/are in stock.

Privacy policy
Studio Phantasma places great importance on your privacy. Although most information on this site is available without having to provide personal data, it is possible that the user will be asked for personal information. This information will only be used for account management. The user can, free of charge and on request, oppose to the use of his data for direct marketing. To this end, he will turn to Studio Phantasma. Personal data are never passed on to a third party.

Studio Phantasma has the right to alter the information provided by this website, including the text of this disclaimer, at all times without further notice. It is recommended to check the information offered on this website periodically, including the text of this disclaimer, for amendments.

To this website and disclaimer, Dutch law can be applied. All disputes in accordance with or with regard to this disclaimer will exclusively be submitted to the entitled judge in the Netherlands.

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