With these miniature worlds and models, we wanted to recreate the spooky, abandoned athmosphere of haunted houses like the haunted castle in the Efteling and some movies that Tim Burton produced. If you look closely at these ruins, you can dream away for a while in a more sinister part of our imagination.


Ruïns and landscapes
An abandoned church, of which only the monumental entrance is still standing, has been overgrown with dead plants and branches. Was that door already open?

The above the ground crypt is crumbled so much, that only a few of its many levels are still accessible. Skulls are lying scattered and in Latin you can read ‘today it’s me, tomorrow it will be you’. It’s best to stay away from this place.

The gothic courtyard of the church looks deserted and overgrown, yet water still sprouts from the eroded mouth of the lion. The crumbled, above the groud crypt radiates peace and yet also someting... disturbing. It looks like the gargoyles are staring at you from behind the weirdly growing tree. And who is lying in that tomb?

The sunken tower has been standing crookedly for so long already in the swamp, that nobody remembers if there’s a whole church underneath or that it’s just a tower. If the gargoyles and the rooster on top could speak...

On the white gate, a relief with the depiction of St. George fighting the dragon. Throught the door, a woman comes out. But wait, the door is still closed...

Crook Hospital collapsed long ago due to a disaster. Rumour has it, that evil forces had been in play, because it was founded in 1745 by a heartless director that incurred a curse with his barbaric regime. They say that the ruin is still haunted by spirits of the patients, who have been kept in prison and tortured in the cellars of this building. One can still read the texts in dirt and blood on the walls, that put chill down people’s spines. Do you dare to spend the entire night here for the first time ever?

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