Ever since we were young, we have been inspired by nature. Animals, plants, prehistoric life, the universe, anatomy, biology; everything that was worth to be amazed by. By drawing, painting and handicraft we tried to recreate these beloved subjects and use them as a basis for new creations. Thus our own design came into existance, which started to look more and more convincing. Below, a few creatures by our own design. One series reminds us of present-day or extinct species and some of them are amazingly realistic; the gorgodons are comical beings that represent different professions or types with their costumes. Dream along with us and step into our world of fantasy.


Creatures by our own design
One after the other strange looking creation appears, that looks so much like a real animal, that one would doubt a little. Haven’t I seen this before? And yet, it’s only just clay painted with acrylic paint.

At first, the pleiodelphis, a dolphin-like sea animal. With his toothless, beak-like mouth he hunts for soft prey like jellyfish and squid, that he can track very well with his big eyes, swimming in the clear tropical waters. The statue balances on the fippers and appears to float.

The flightless bird looks like she’s somewhere between a cassowary and a dinosaur. She has bright colours and can defend herself well with her strong tail and legs, in the unfriendly environment of the desert, while, with her downward oriented eyes, she hunts for lizzards and insects, that she catches with her claws. She can easily reach a velocity of fourty kilometres per hour. A fossil of this animal has been excavated and it shows us that during evolution, not much in this design has been altered through time.

The batrachops, a frog-like reptile that lives in ditches and ponds, defends itself with its thick armour and warns predators that he is poinonous by its brightly coloured skin pattern, which also camouflages him between waterplants.

The batling is an animal that looks like a bat and has a membrane that stretches from her elongated little finger to her hind legs and between her tail and her hind legs. The rest of her fingers she uses for catching and eating insects, that she tracks with her acute eyesight when flying in the air. Her long tail she uses as a rudder when she does her rapid flying manoeuvres.

The armoured ferret, a gentle little animal that feeds on flowers, fruit and soft plants, is amazingly agile despite its armoured body. The hard ceratine plates protect him from enemies; the animal can roll itself up into a ball like the armadillo and the pangolin. These intelligent animals can be kept as pets.

Lastly, there’s the hyaenid, that feeds on carrion, just like hyaenas. This animal lives solitarily though. She scans the air for vultures and knows where to find her next meal. Next to that, she has an acute sense of smell. Hyaenids are known to be very good mothers and they will fight to death to defend their young if necessary.
These comical creatures represent various types in an exaggerated way, like the ones we know and recognize from our own society. They once started as a funny try-out. The being that was the end result of that experiment looked like it was somewhere between a dragon and a dodo.

The name ‘gorgodon’ is based on gargouille (gargoyle) and gorgon (ugly mythical woman). The dodo and the end of the word, -don, are reminiscent of something prehistoric; in conclusion, a weird looking creature that reminds us a bit of ourselves because of its many appearances.

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