In fairytales and mythology there’s more than enough to fantasize about. We invite you to fantasize with us by showing creative pieces of art in clay and acrylic paint.


In Greek mythology there’s a beautiful story, which has always inspired us. It is the story of Orpheus and Eurydike. Orpheus was a beloved singer and musician. With his lyre, given to him by Apollo, he brought people and animals in extacy.

As he did with the nymph Eurydike, whom he wed. Luck was only short-lived though; she stepped on a snake and died. This did not stop the unconsolable Orpheus: he would venture into the underworld an bring back his wife.

He sang his way in and brough the ferryman and all tormented souls in extacy and in the end even the kingly couple Hades and Persephone. They let her go on one condition: he could not look back at her until they were outside the gate of the underworld.

He went back with the silent spirit of his wife behind him. The closer they got to the exit, the more he desired to look back at her, to see if she was still there. Just before the exit he turned around, just in time to see his lovely wife flow back into the underworld.

The story is tragic and very inspiring. The statue shows the moment that she returns to the underworld, covered in blue mists. Orpheus’s lyre hits the ground with a bang. Their fingers miss by only a hair’s distance.

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