We are inspired to create art by a lot of things. Animals always play a large role in it. In some myths and fairytales, creatures play a role that are half human, half animal, like werewolves, who usually live like humans but turn into a wolf every full moon. Also mermaids, who are half human, half fish, or centaurs, who are half human, and traditionally half horse. A fairy with delicate wings complements this rich company. Lastly, there’s a statue of a nymph, that looks like a human being but is a supernatural being who is at one with nature.


As soon as the moon is full, everyone who is infected by a werewolf’s bite, will turn into a werewolf as well. All these werewolves are ferocious and dangerous, but human traits can still be recognized. Who knows if it’s someone you might know?
A father centaur accompanies his son on the African savannah. He teaches him to hunt with a spear, which he made together with his sun for his first hunt.

An enormous spider centaur defends himself and assumes a threatening position. He is not aggressive, yet poinonous. With his four eyes and armoured body, he barely looks human anymore.

The classic Greek centaur, who is half painted horse, half bearded man. Just like an original centaur, he is drunk, judging from the almost empty red-figure whine chalice, that is painted with centaurs.

Lastly, a tough zebra-centaur, who also lives in an African savannah environment. She looks into the world proudly.
Mermaid, Nymph and Fairy
In the undeep waters of the tropical seas, an unconventional mermaid lives, who has a seahorse tail instead of a fish tail. Richly decorated, she is well camouflaged against a background of corals.

A mysterious misty nymph overlooks the river from a rock. A stream of water flows from her shell. Her white hairs flow like a waterfall over her elegant body.

A charming fairy girl runs with her hand through her long hair. Her white, delicate wings rest on her back. Who can resist this little girl?

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