Many creatures can be found amongst mythical animals. Many are hybrids, composed of two or more species of real animals, like the griffin, which is officially composed of an eagle and a lion. Dragons are amongst these mythical creatures too. Enjoy below a few of our interpretations of mythological animals.


Dragons are well-known in many cultures. Less known is the so-called butterfly dragon, a smaller version of the classical dragon with batlike wings. Instead of that, these small creatures have butterfly wings in various colours. They look quite cute, but watch out for your fingers!

Another type of dragon, the sea dragon, can be seen in this exciting scene, where it opens its enormous mouth high above a dreamy drunken pirate. Is the pirate in grave danger or is this a drunken dream?
DMost people know the griffin from Greek mythology. An eagle on top, a lion on the bottom. This proud animal symbolises the reign over both the sky and the land.

A variation on this animal is a version with on top a black-winged kite and below a margay, a type of South American cat.
The basilisk is a creature from classic mythology. It has many appearances, from a snake- or dragon-like creature to a rooster with a snake-tail that can turn people into stone by looking at them. Our interpretation looks just as dangerous as myths suggest.

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