Below you can see a few costume sketches, that are inspired by historical examples, like for example a dress in Marie Antoinette style or other costumes that can be recognized from a particular historical era. Lots of these designs we wish to elaborate in the future. Maybe there are styles you like?


Costumes for ladies
We start with a dress that’s inspired by Marie Antoinette’s style. The basic iea for this is a romantic garden with trees, flowers, a waterfall and animals. On the chest of the light blue bodice, a white castle can be seen, that looks a lot like Neuschwanstein in Bavaria; the ultimate fairytale castle. On the sleeves and side panels of the dress there are light green crowns of trees with flowers, butterflies and birds. The front of the skirt is a perspective pathway with tree trunks and flowers. On the back of the dress, a cape forms a waterfall in this beautiful garden. Various elements like flowers and animals will decorate the wig.

After this design, three Victorian style dresses will follow, that are all inspired by animals; the first by a white peacock and the other two by the black swan.

The last picture contains a few vampire costume sketches, lighly based on the torn costumes from the musical Tanz der Vampire.
Costumes for gentlemen
Here you can see several male costumes, that are inspired by different style eras, like a costume looking like the gala-uniform of admiral Nelson. Furthermore there’s a baroque suit decorated with roses and lastly an eighteenth century suit with sash, sketched for a character based on the musical Tanz der Vampire.

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