The passion for drawing and painting already started on a young age. We loved to draw nature, but also humans and animals. This skill was further developed and soon we came up with our own characters and faces. People, but also elves, dwarves and other beings are and will continue to be a favourite subject to draw, paint and make digital artwork of.


Inspired by the Lord of the Rings and the Hobbit, we thought up quite a few elven characters of our own with their own traits. We had lots of fun doing so.

The red-haired Muninn is the king of the cold north. He shares his underground kingdom, that can be reached via a secret cave, with dwarves, who are led by their king Huginn. He is depicted with two of his crowns, with stars in the background.

His right hand is Barathon, his loyal genaral, who leads his army armoured in light blue and silver.

A befriended leader is the blond elf Anfalen, who has intense blue eyes.

An unusual family is the male elf Haluith with his dwarven wife Gwenelyn. From their love came their daughter Haluynn, a hybrid in between an elf and a dwarf.

Melethron is the advisor king Muninn. With his wife Merilwen he has six children, one of which is a son. Merilwen is also inpiring for costume-making; the costume is depicted in a cave. One of their daughters is the elf Ainariel, who is portrayed with the aurora borealis (northern light) in the background. Melethron is portrayed somewhere else in the shadows of the southern tropical woods he originally came from.

Two elven children and an elven lady in pencil go well in this series.

Lastly, a portrait in pencil of a character from the books of Tolkien, Oropher, the father of Thranduil, king of Mirkwood and grandfather of Legolas.
Just like elves and dwarves and in particular dwarven women are a beloved subject to design. Dwarven ladies have beards and since you don’t see too much of them in the movies of the Lord of the Rings and the Hobbit, we were even more inspired to accept the challenge of drawing these beautiful creatures and colouring them digitally. It is of course a challenge to portray them in a feminine way in spite of their beards.

Here you can see a pregnant mother dwarf that, in combination the father, shows a beautiful and sensitive side of the dwarf.

Like the little girl, who looks up at you from the bottom of the cave and is endearing.

The tough yet feminine dwarven ladies and gorgeous, bearded dwarven men show a powerful image of these dwarves, who share their underground realm with the elves of king Muninn.

King Huginn is the leader of the dwarves. Long ago he was forced to seek refuge with the elves, who retreated on the island where they built their realm. Muninn took care of the dwarves, who were expelled by demons, just like the elves. The two leaders decided to name themselves after Norwegian mythological figures, to underline their brotherhood. Ever since, the dwarves live in peace with the elves, one level under them in the underground realm they share..
Humanoid creatures
King Thranduil from Tolkien’s the Hobbit is depicted here in two paintings, both after the movies by Peter Jackson. The first painting is a watercolour, the second one is painted with acrylic paint.

A less human being is the vampire, that is shown here in pencil on paper, a well-known mythical night creature that loves to exsanguinate young virgins via the neck.

Lastly, our interpretation of an orc, a gruesome being from the books of Tolkien. It is female orc for a change, something you don’t see very often.

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