Not only in three dimensional form, but also on paper we draw fantasy creatures. For example dargons, fairies, creatures by our own design and other fantasy creatures. We invite you in our dream world; be inspired to come up with your own creatures.


Dragons are well-know mythical animals, that have been depicted frequently worldwide and classified as both good and bad. We drew and painted various types of dragons; you choose which ones you like best.
Fairies and other fairytale beings
Fairies, small, winged humanoid creatures that are sometimes also called elves, are popular with many people. They can have butterfly wings or wings that look more like those of a dragonfly and capture the imagination of many.

The Greek mythology has always been a source of inspiration for us. These two drawings are based on two stories. In one story, the myth of Aglauros, a woman changes into a rock and in the other, a Naiad changes into a willow.

The princess and the frog is a famous fairytale, in which a princess can take her prince in her arms after kissing an enchanted frog. On this drawing, the prince is still a frog.

Lastly, there’s the werewolf, that changes into a werewolf every full moon. This werewolf is kept busy with a piece of meat.
Animals by our own design
On the painting ‘New Ice Age’, a white lion is depicted in a deserted snowy landscape. It symbolises the chance of a future ice age if people don’t undertake actions agains the greenhouse effect.

The other pieces of art are pencil drawings of several creatures by our own design. They are drawn in an anatomically correct manner, to create a natural and convincing image of these fantasy animals. Or do they exist?...

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