The fantasy costumes you can find here vary from theatrical ball gowns to more slender models. Many will be elaborated in the future or have already been used or will be used as inspiration for future sewing projects.


Slender models
Among the more slender model dresses are sketches for mermaid dresses, fairytale characters like the evil queen from ‘Snow White’, vampires, nymphs or other types. Also for the elf Ithilwen, a character that we thought up and for whom we already elaborated a few designs, you can find a few sketches here, like a design for a jewel in the shape of a butterfly.

Feel free to look around and enjoy the multitude of shapes that we came up with.
Theatrical and big models
Here you can find many exuberant models, mostly inspired by fairytale figures or charachters by our own design for out clothing line Phantasy Couture. Be inspired by our sketches; they made us cheerful too!

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